Feature – Knighton’s Family Butchers, Eye



Situated in the village of Eye, just a few miles from Peterborough, Knighton’s Family Butchers has been running since the 1940’s. The shop itself has been in Eye for over 100 years and was previously a slaughterhouse.

Stan (88) came with his parents and together they ran the butchers. Darren started working in the shop when he was just 13 in 1978 and took over the running of the shop in the  90’s, renaming it to Knighton’s.

Supplying public and trade, Knighton’s pride themselves on service and the ability to offer quality local produce.  All products such as haslet, burgers and sausages are made the good old fashioned way by hand!  


As part of their commitment to customer service they deliver FREE within 20 miles, perfect for those who cannot get out to Eye or just simply don’t have the time!  Meat packs can be made to each customers specification, swapping chops for extra sausages etc.


Ryan started in 2005 and recently began a social media experiment, swiftly gaining close to 1,000 followers in 2 months and 10+ new regular customers. The mix of information and chat (including the inevitable commiserating on the Posh score) has proved a hit with customers and businesses alike.

Knighton Family Butcher’s, 73 High Street, Eye, Peterborough, PE6 7UX.  01733 222248

http://www.knightonsfamilybutchers.co.uk      info@knightonsfamilybutchers.co.uk    @KnightFButchers



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