MN Etiquette

Guidelines for using the Mumsnet Facebook Page and Blog

Mumsnet is, on the whole, a lightly moderated site and we would like to reflect that onto our Blog and Facebook page. Follow our Mumsnetiquette and you’ll upset no one and post happily.

You can read all the whys and wherefores behind our rules below but here’s the nutshell version:

No personal attacks
No posts that break the law
No trolling, goading or misleading
No trollhunting
No spamming

The Rules: Moderation (in all things)

Mumsnet for Facebook is not a pre-moderated page, nor is this blog. Our policy is to keep intervention to a minimum and let the conversation flow.

That said, we will remove posts we consider to contain personal attacks, to break the law and/or to be obscene, racist, sexist, disablist or homophobic – once they are brought to our attention.

The quickest way to let us at know about a post/image or link that you think should be deleted is to report it. You can do this by emailing us via the contact form

General Ps and Qs

We’d appreciate it if you’d use the same courtesy when posting messages on Facebook, and on this blog as you would use when speaking to someone face-to-face. Please do bear in mind how difficult this parenting business can be, and if there’s one thing all of us could do with, it’s some moral support.

Swearwords and Offensive Language

It’s not our policy to delete swearwords (we are all adults, after all) but we do draw the line at obscenity, racist and disablist language, and wording that is truly beyond the pale. So, if you’re not sure which side of that line your swearword of choice may fall, it might be best not to use it.

Posting Links on Facebook

We have no problem with people posting the odd link to other sites that other posters might find useful or helpful. But we will delete anyone’s attempts to “spam” the our Facebook page with links, as a way of promoting their own site or product or blog, as it annoys our members. If you’d like to know more about promoting your product on Mumsnet, please read about our advertising opportunities.

If you want to promote a local event or local service that you provide, you can do so on Mumsnet for FREE, in our local section which is seen by people who live in your area.


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